Manufacturing, Quality Control - Our factory confirms to GMP standards.

Factory name: TOKUHON Corporation
Miyashiro Factory
Completed: August 1971
Overall area: 92,320m2
Workshop (total area): 13,491.9m2

Manufacturing of all pharmaceuticals is based on strict quality controls.

Manufacturing begins with receipt of raw materials. Only those raw materials that pass our stringent testing will be stored according to strict stock control procedures and then used for production. The raw material will be processed under strict GMP standards, made into finished product form (with added value), and stored in a warehouse separate from the production facility. Products will then be dispatched according to computer-generated dispatch instructions. Sanitary and quality controls are repeatedly conducted during the entire process: from receipt of raw materials to the final release of the product.
These procedures are meter-controlled, with persons responsible for constantly checking the accuracy and proper functioning of the meters.

Manufacturing, Quality Control


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